Monday, February 20, 2012

Systems by Saleena Karim

2042: Humanity has witnessed the World Democratic Revolution and has left war, pollution and extreme poverty behind. 

Elise Archer is a hard-nosed British policewoman with psychic abilities. She also happens to be a reincarnated terrorist in denial. When Peter Manner escapes from a local psychiatric hospital and begins a murder spree, Elise makes the chilling discovery that he too is a psychic ... and in another life he was her friend. 
Manner is on his way to America, where he and she both mysteriously disappeared thirty years ago. By complete coincidence the global police organisation GAILE has just reopened their case, and needs her help. But is there such thing as a coincidence? 
Follow Elise on her journey as she confronts the truth about her past life, why she was killed, and most importantly, why she was brought back to life. Because soon she will come to question reality itself. 
This is the story of the Systems Experiment, and the fight - literally - for liberty and justice. 

Systems is Science Fiction Novel
(Approx 103, 000 words)
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