Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Sleeper - Secrets of the Ghosts by Solease M. Barner

WHO- Holiday Towley is a loving perfect wife and mother that holds a deep dark secret. 

WHAT- Holiday's dark secret is revealed when her daughter's safety is compromised by unforeseen circumstances. Holiday's life becomes more complex when she finds out the truth of who she really is. 

WHERE-In a richly beautiful suburban neighborhood surrounded by astonishing views in Michigan.

WHY- Holiday soon finds out she has a special gift that will change her life and maybe protect her daughter from the secret life that she has kept hidden.

The Sleeper is a Thriller Novel
(Approx 189 pages)
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ryder On The Storm by Violet Patterson

Storm Sullivan is a Seer from an ancient line forced to return home after the brutal murder of her aunt. But Storm finds she’s inherited more than just the family estate. 

Ryder Cohen is an Immortal, a former enforcer commissioned to eradicate the Sullivan line and prevent the rise of the Emerald. But Ryder has come to question his mission and the reasons behind it.

RYDER ON THE STORM is the first in the Emerald Seer series. An urban fantasy with a supporting cast of Immortals, Seraphs, and Deities this is just the beginning of Storm's journey.
The Emerald Seer saga continues with LIGHT MY FIRE which centers on Lucian's fiery past as Storm closes in on the truth of her destiny. Still craving more Emerald Seer? Dive into WHISKEY, MYSTICS and MEN, an Emerald Seer Novella. 
Ryder On The Storm is a Paranormal Romance Novel
(Approx 58, 000 words)
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Demon by Lisa C. Hinsley

Alex’s life was torn apart when her father disappeared but in the years since then, things have improved. Her life isn’t exciting but it’s getting back to normal; she has a decent job and a caring boyfriend, and life is good. But then one day, she starts seeing things…

A demon-like being appears. No one else can see him, and claiming to be from another dimension he asks for her help. The demon gives her the sight, a terrifying gift that lets her see blue smoke drifting from people’s eyes. This marks them as carriers for a race of aliens intent on making Alex’s world their own. These beings take over human bodies, smother the soul and claim possession of the remaining shell. The only way to stop them - the only way to save the human race - is for Alex to kill all those who are infected.

But Alex sees blue smoke everywhere. Every other person she passes seems to be wreathed in the tell-tale smoke. Terrified and unsure what to believe, Alex must make her choice. Is the demon real? Is he telling the truth? And dare she risk the fate of the whole human race if she's wrong?
My Demon is a Psychological Horror Novel
(Approx 75, 000 words)
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