Thursday, July 28, 2011

Atlantis by Lisa Graves

What would you do if you were convinced your boyfriend was a figment of your imagination?  That is Lilly’s problem.  Check out this excerpt from Atlantis:
My eyes looked at the ground. I didn’t want to, but I made myself say it. “You’re not real.”
Elliott was quiet. I looked up to see what he was doing. He continued to sit on the grass but he looked shocked. “What do you mean by that?” I noticed a cautious tone in his voice.
I dove into my brain trying to find the right words to use when breaking up with yourself. I came up empty handed. The fact that I desperately wanted to stay and live in my fantasy land didn’t make it any easier. My torrent stream of emotions was giving me away. I bit my lip, trying to keep my face from exposing all of my secrets. Strangely, he did the same.
“What do you mean, I’m not real?” Elliott asked again. He gently placed his hand on mine. The usual sensation of electricity flowing through him to me, pricked my mind and made me doubt my hallucination theory. He wasn’t helping me.
It was probably a combination of my emotions keeping me an inch from tears, and his penetrating eyes bearing down on my soul, but I had overflowed. I couldn’t stop the words from pouring out.
“YOU ARE NOT REAL!” I yelled, more at myself than at Elliott.
I stood up. His mouth gapped open at me as I paced the cove and continued.
“You are too perfect. And good looking. And sweet...”
He looked as though he was going to argue, but I went on.
“No one has seen you but me.”
He whispered something to himself and shook his head.
“You appear and disappear out of nowhere.”
I turned again at the edge of the cove, racking my brain for more proof of my theory. When I resumed my pacing, he spoke.
“I know,” he said in a soft, apologetic purr and looked straight at me.
Elliott caught me off guard. I hadn’t expected my hallucination to agree with me. “What do you mean you know?"

Atlantis is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance
(Approx 67, 000 words / 320 pages paperback)
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