Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feature Your Indie Book Here!


I am Lisa Graves.  I am the indie author of Atlantis.  I created this blog for indie writers to be able to post about their books, and have readers be able to talk about and review those books.  It is a great way to introduce otherwise unknown authors and future readers to one another.  Plus it helps readers find out about all the great new indie books available.

This blog is for novels (over 50,000 words) by indie writers in any of the following fiction or non-fiction categories:  action / adventure / chick lit / drama / fantasy / historical / horror / mystery / thriller / romance / and science fiction.

Demand (and my time) permitting, I intend to post one per day.  There is no charge to be featured.  I plan on posting in the order received.

If you are interested on being featured in this post please email me at:
indiebookreview (@) yahoo (dot) com
Be sure to write a "back of book" type write-up on your novel that is cut and paste-able.  I want this blog to be a professional site, so I reserve the right to proofread and fix errors.  If you want me to post a photo of your book just have it in the body of the email (no attachments).  Please write your book's title/author/genre in the subject line, include word/page count, and be sure to include your website address to direct future readers.

Thanks and be sure to tell your friends and family to check out


  1. Hi Lisa, I'm posting a link to this site from my blog. I congratulate you on picking up the torch for indie authors.

  2. Hey Lisa,
    Thank you for dedicating your blog to (we) Indie authors, we salute you. I will be adding your link to my blog-site.

  3. Have you relaxed your requirement of novels (over 50K wds)? I noticed the Netzel novella was only 29,000.

  4. Hi Lisa - I sent you an email about my book, but even if you don't select it to feature, I wanted to let you know that this is a wonderful thing you are doing. Thanks!