Friday, March 23, 2012

City of Blaze by H. O. Charles

An inexpressive warrior must find a way to bring fire to his home and his heart. May cause your kindle to combust.  
Hidden by monument and pride, the city is crumbling beneath a mountain of its own indulgences. Its army abuse the castle's servants, confident that deadly wielders have been exterminated; wars are fought to encourage otherwise absent mortality; countless people suffer from the terrible pangs of nalka, the hunger for intimacy; and all the while its king concerns himself with choosing which of his disappointing concubines to execute next. The duty falls upon his emotionally withdrawn son, Morghiad, to restore the city's strength and the army's purpose. In his attempts to do so, he uncovers darker horrors and encounters a young servant who could either be his greatest ally or his greatest hindrance.  
City of Blaze is a story of changing allegiances, self-control and love. 
City of Blaze is an Epic Fantasy / Romance Novel
(Approx 130, 000 words)
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