Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Devil’s Fire by Marjorie Kaye

On Christmas Eve 2004 in a small Ohio town, John Arnold, a retired U.S. Senator dines on what will be the last meal of his life—this life anyway. His first life, the one lived as Bernard Baker, began in Victorian London in 1884 and ended on Christmas Eve in a 1965 prison fire. People think that Bernard Baker died that night. They’re wrong. What happened was much worse than the horrific fire that claimed the lives of hundreds of inmates, trapped in cells that refused to open. From the swirling darkness of another world, an old man summoned the Devil’s Fire. While demons fed, Bernard Baker received his reward—everything John Arnold, his young cellmate possessed—John’s youth, his likeness and his talents—everything but John’s ability to love. It’s 2004 and time for another reward. Time for Devil’s Fire again.

Devil’s Fire is a Horror / Historical Novel
(Approx 94, 000 words)
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