Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Last Texas Big Shot by Tom Talley and Louis Buck

Based on events straight off the front pages of today's news, this decidedly Politically In-Correct fictional action adventure novel cuts a broad path across the world as a hard-headed Governor of Texas confronts a President of the United States who will not budge. As the pressure rises, accidents can, and do happen and the president even finds that he may have to fight a nuclear war … with Texas! 

Other nations see the internal squabbles as an opportunity to capitalize on the confusion while the CIA plays all sides against the middle. 
 This book gives you a taste of the way the interests of individuals, states, and national governments collide in today’s world of instant global communication and computer dependence. 

(Warning:  Contains Strong Language and Adult Situations-Violence...about the amount you would expect from a bunch of p*#&ed-off Texans.)
The Last Texas Big Shot is an Adventure Fiction Novel
(Approx 70, 000 words / 214 action-packed pages)
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