Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pascal's Wager by Mark Jacobs

Whether it’s in Las Vegas’ glitzy casinos or its seamy back alleys, Black Belt Magazine columnist and poker pro Mark Jacobs captures the excitement with the vision of an insider in his new novel Pascal’s Wager...

Pascal Silver is an action junkie down on his luck. One of the best poker players alive, a losing streak has forced him to take work as a private detective. But when the gorgeous daughter of murdered casino owner “Houston Phil” LaPierre turns to him for help, he finds himself in over his head dealing with the cops, the mob and the enigmatic but beautiful Allegra LaPierre. Now he’ll have to pull off the biggest bluff of his life to come out on top. And even if he does, he’ll still be left with the question “Who killed Phil?” a question only he is shrewd enough to answer.

Pascal's Wager is a Mystery Novel
(Approx 60, 000 words)
Find the ebook HERE

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