Monday, April 23, 2012

Manhattan Affair by Jack Sussek

A tale of New York City nostalgia mixed with murder and sex, Manhattan Affair portrays a world of secrets and lies which entwine the lives of three former New England college classmates: Jared “Jed” Chase, Steve Cahill, and Morris Bergman. 

Jed Chase is good-looking and easy-going, and has a secure job. He’s lived a charmed, upper middle class and anchored life; that is until he falls for Katherine Cahill, a seductive and dangerous beauty whose dark secrets threaten to destroy Jed’s dreams, his career, ultimately his life. Katherine is married to financial tycoon Steve Cahill who has secrets of his own: he and his business partner, Arthur Barrett are suspected not only working for the U.S. government but also laundering money from them. Katherine seduces Jed into helping her plot Cahill’s murder in order to acquire his tens of millions of dollars.
It is when Katherine’s plan unravels that the story weaves its yarn and no one is who they seem. In an attempt to preserve his freedom, Jed delves into the secret world of Katherine and Steve Cahill and discovers a world of sex, espionage and lies. Helped by his buddy, Mickey Thompson and his former college roommate and now his lawyer Morris Bergman, Jed begins to piece the real story behind the story one frame at a time. All while under the watchful eye of both the NYPD and the CIA; Jed struggles to discover the real truth while fighting for his life.
Find out what happens by reading Manhattan Affair.
Manhattan Affair is a Mystery / Thriller / Suspense Novel
(Approx 84, 000 words)
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