Monday, November 28, 2011

Homegrown Muse by Sally Bennett

Free-spirited Lyssa Smith sees her life thrown into chaos when she unwittingly exposes a plot devised by “Tank” Turnbull, a powerful land developer in the Phoenix area. But doing the right thing comes at a price, as Turnbull and his conspirators seek to save themselves by destroying her reputation, ruining her career, and exposing her secrets. With her carefully constructed life crumbling around her, Lyssa seizes the opportunity to salvage her dreams by forging an unlikely alliance with Dane Callicott.
Still grappling with the failure of his latest venture, the unconventional Highline Resort, Dane is presented with another maverick proposition, but he’ll need Lyssa’s help to pull it off. Should Dane listen to his muse and risk his family’s fortune on another visionary project, or will he return to the safe but unsustainable practices of his father?
Shackled by family expectations, battered by a series of betrayals, and blinded by impossible choices, Dane and Lyssa might very well bulldoze over their one chance for happiness—-unless together they can blaze a new trail forward.
Homegrown Muse is a Contemporary Women’s Fiction Novel
(Approx 94, 000 words)
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