Friday, November 11, 2011

Occupation by Jeff L. Dawson

September 1, 1939, the unimaginable happened. WAR! Germany invaded Poland from the west. Two weeks later, Russia honored her agreement with Germany and invaded from the east. 
In the towns of Siepraw (twenty kilometers South of Krakow) and Tarnow (sixty kilometers east of Krakow) all was still business as usual. While the villagers feared for their lives, the Romanovs and Boirarskys worried little of the new flags hoisted in their respective areas. They had seen many empires come and go. The Czars, Napoleon, Lenin, Hindenburg and others. They never cared who was in power as long as the food supply was intact. But that was about to change. The Germans had plans for all races deemed sub-human; relocation. If one wasn't of true Nordic Aryan genealogy, then they considered those individuals a drag on the new order and its limited resources.

The plan of relocation was going to awaken an opponent that only resided in the "occupier’s" darkest nightmares.
Occupation is an Horror/Vampire Thriller
(Approx 101, 000 words)
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