Thursday, November 3, 2011

Satori Ranch by Mary Frisbee

A decrepit 1965 Volkswagen Microbus is discovered in a marijuana patch at Satori Ranch, an abandoned Oregon commune. Inside the bus are scattered human bones, determined by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department to be those of John and Mary Beth Brooke, who disappeared thirty years ago. Their daughter, painter and environmental activist Trout Brooke, is compelled to seek the cause of her hippie parents' deaths. As she digs into Satori Ranch’s history, it becomes clear that dark events led to the deaths, as well as the desertion of the lovingly-built homestead that had supported twenty people in supposedly idyllic counterculture style. As she travels to meet and question the Ranchers, now scattered across the country from Boston to Berkeley, Brook's determined search into the past results in danger to herself, with murder looming large as the explanation for the loss of her family. 
A murder mystery set partially in America’s ‘60s counterculture -- a rich and unsettled time in history -- Satori Ranch explores how parents’ past ideals can spill into their children’s present. Satori Ranch follows a strong lone woman pursuing answers about her past as she tracks down a murderer.
Satori Ranch is a Mystery Novel
(Approx 88, 000 words / 314 pages)
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