Tuesday, February 28, 2012

God’s Girlfriend by Enki Anunnaki

What if God is your boyfriend, you don't have a choice, and God has an earth-shattering mission for you?
And now – they say – it’s unavoidable; starvation, collapse, and death on an apocalyptic scale. Civil war rages across America. The "dollar" collapses into worthless paper. Starving thugs murder for gold, silver, and cans of beans.
Worse – what if God isn’t what you dreamed of and God reveals to you how human life was created?
Tragic – what if God gives you three lovely vices as weapons to save your world?
Armageddon - you must summon your dark side to save America?
Apocalypse – you think you’re losing your mind?
Ex-cop “gold freak” Mary Leakey is GOD’S GIRLFRIEND – the Chosen One - who struggles mentally, spiritually, and physically with her calling.
GOD’S GIRLFRIEND is thought-chilling psychological suspense, hallowed mystery, and supernatural thrills that’ll eat everything you know as “human” from the inside-out.
God’s Girlfriend is a Thriller / Suspense Novel
(Approx 50, 000 words)
Find the ebook HERE

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