Thursday, February 16, 2012

Motherless Children by Randall Luce

Williams Point is a Mississippi Delta cotton town. The land is black and fertile, the horizon cotton-white, and the humid air muffles dissonant insect harmonies. It’s the summer of 1946.

Sam Swain, the Chief of Police, believes that a community defines its people, and when the good and bad of Williams Point are known and balanced the result is something you can value. But when he investigates the murder of two prominent whites—Adelia “Auntie” Southworth and her niece Madeleine Lott, both poisoned by arsenic—Swain learns the truth can sound its own dissonances.

Auntie and Madeleine are murdered in their home, among family and friends, who withhold information from Swain to impede his investigation. As he slowly exposes the truth behind these murders, Swain discovers other crimes and transgressions—long past and present—and his own complicity in what he finds.
Motherless Children is a Murder Mystery Novel
(Approx 100, 000 words)
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