Friday, February 3, 2012

A Tale That Is Told by Ted William Gross

"The Chronicles Of The Children Of Heaven" is an epic fantasy-trilogy which covers the Biblical era, from the Creation until the Flood. The events take place within three separate settings - Earth, [Adamah]; Heaven, [Heichal]; and Hell, [Hinnom]. Each of these settings contains its own unique characters as well as its own specific and distinctive nature. The three major forces - the Angels, known as the Meyal; Mankind; and the Devils known as the Techas - interact and come into conflict with one another. The interaction between these three great forces of the Universe is shown in their desire to protect or control mankind, as the case may be. 
The Epic Fantasy "The Chronicles Of The Children Of Heaven" was originally written by the Meyal, Kitviel, who is a Sharret of Nogah. The books begin with Adam & Eve and continue until the Flood, (known as "The Great Deluge" to the Meyal). What takes place upon the Earth during these first years of Mankind's existence is the major concern of books within The Chronicles Of The Children Of Heaven. Subsequently the activities of the Meyal and the Techas, as well as the great confrontations and wars between them, is portrayed. The constant and insistent meddling of the Meyal and Techas with humanity is combined with the story lines.
A Tale That Is Told is a Fantasy Novel
(Approx 59, 000 words)
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