Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dark Waters by L. E. Fitzpatrick

An epic, fantasy story filled with adventure, romance, and humour so dark it scares shadows
Egan Wey is a pirate, a scoundrel and the luckiest son of a... female canine that ever braved the ocean. A scarred past forces his mouth to the bottle and he is drawn to trouble like... well like he is drawn to the bottle. He does bad things for men who would rather not get their hands dirty, but one fateful night, in the corner of a lowlife's tavern he is offered a job by Finn Fernwick, a young priest, that will not only challenge his skills but stretch his sanity to the breaking point.
What begins as a fairy tale rescue quickly decays into a nightmare of epic proportion as Wey and Finn combat zombies, privateers and a psychotic, despot prince. Can two men really save the world from drowning around them? Or will they drag every sorry excuse for a scallywag into the depths with them?
Dark Waters is a Fantasy Novel
(Approx 183, 000 words)
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