Thursday, September 15, 2011

Odyssey Rising by Michael T. Best

When seventeen year old Theo Starling is accepted into a prestigious summer program aboard a deep space shuttle called Odyssey, he expects the best summer of his life. Too bad he’s stuck with the younger half-brother he can’t stand and the most defective air filters in the history of space travel. 
A simple moment in Theo's life changes the course of mankind.
During a routine probe exercise, Theo discovers a series of alien objects with the chemical composition of human and animal bones on an unexplored and uninhabited planet. 
Naturally, Theo becomes the most famous guy in the galaxy – since alien life has never been found. But Theo’s fame quickly turns to infamy when an unseen alien danger threatens his life and the life of Odyssey's crew. 
To survive this deadly first encounter, Theo and a small group journey to an uninhabited planet called New Acadia. There they hope to find survival. What they find is far more mysteriously dangerous than they could have ever imagined. Their experience will change them forever, if it doesn’t kill them first.

Odyssey Rising is a Young Adult Science Fiction Novel
(Approx 58, 000 words)
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