Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Simon and the Wardrobe of Destiny by Ellis Jackson

Sacked, dumped and made homeless in a single day, regular guy Simon finds himself pulled into a strange world filled with Dwarves, Elves and strange things intent on killing him. Pursued by the city's tyrannical ruler, Grenfell, before long he's forced to flee for his life, face up to his fears and lead an army into battle with thousands of Orcs.
A rip-roaring Pratchett-esque novel filled with high fantasy, low humor, daring escapes and vast battles of good versus evil.
Simon and the Wardrobe of Destiny: A story of wizards, war and some seriously peculiar furniture. 
Simon and the Wardrobe of Destiny is a Fantasy Novel
(Approx 118, 000 words)

Find out more about Ellis Jackson and his writing at www.ellisjackson.wordpress.com

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