Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Go No Sen by Jacques Antoine

Go No Sen is a martial arts/espionage thriller about Emily Kane, a high school girl who has to fight off covert operatives from rival intelligence organizations in order to salvage the life she knows and stay in school. 
When her home is destroyed in a sudden attack she refuses to become a fugitive, assume a new name and go into hiding with her family. Emily is determined to preserve her own identity. But along the way she learns that she is not who she thinks she is, and that her family is not who she thinks they are either. 
Who exactly is Emily Kane, and why is she so good at fighting? To solve the mystery of her identity, she turns to her high school classmates and makes new friends when she had always been a loner. But then she has to protect them from the danger swirling darkly around her. The only solution may be to draw her enemies out into the open and confront them face to face.
Go No Sen is a Martial Arts Spy Thriller
(Approx 66, 000 words)
Find out more about Go No Sen HERE or check out the ebook HERE

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