Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lying in Wait by Elizabeth Jasper

Malachy could just see himself, in a year or so, going back home with his pockets stuffed with cash and his family welcoming him with big smiles and open arms. It would be grand.  Malachy could hardly wait.
But when Malachy Flynn finds himself mixed up with the Conway family in Dublin, he realizes that making money isn't always easy - or legal.  Then there's Brogan.  No-one messes with Brogan.  Ever.

Tom Oliver, a handsome bachelor farming in the north-east of England, has always enjoyed the intimate company of women, but he meets a dangerous match when his new dairyman moves in with his attractive wife and her younger sister.
When Malachy becomes involved with Tom's family and his secret past catches up with him, revelations and death threaten to turn everyone's lives upside down. Can Malachy protect those he loves or will he forever be watching over his shoulder, waiting for Brogan to take his revenge?

Lying in Wait is a Thriller Novel
(Approx 98, 000 words / 380 pages)
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