Friday, January 6, 2012

The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest - The Realms Of Jurrii by J. Bryden Lloyd

Having accepted the mantle and responsibilities of Wing Commander, young Jenson Quest has returned to Earth after his first mission, but his time at home is brief as the Keepers call him into action once again for an urgent new mission. He leaves his normal life on Earth and is taken across the galaxy to face a new threat from the evil Zyll, Va’kaar, who has stolen a fleet of old warships and is now in search of crews.
With a new interceptor and no time to get proper defences in place, the Keepers and the Drak warriors steer Va’kaar and his fleet to a world where former Zyll prisoners of war have now settled peacefully, offering a target he cannot ignore.
While Va’kaar continues to battle against the revolutionists within his own ranks, and forces former military officers from Jurrii to help with his fleet, an old alliance is renewed between Jenson and the Zyll seeking to stop Va'kaar.

As the threat looms in orbit around the binary planet that makes up the Realms of Jurrii, will the alliance standing against Va'kaar be able to stop him?
Join Jenson and his friends as they embark on new adventures.

The Realms of Jurrii is a Young Adult Science Fiction Novel
(Approx 81, 000 words)
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