Monday, January 9, 2012

Exit Strategy by Colleen Cross

Should justice be pursued at all costs? 

That’s the question Katerina Carter asks herself when she’s hired to recover Liberty Diamond Mines missing billions and the CFO who stole it.  Trouble is, CEO Susan Sullivan expects her to find the money and the CFO who stole it, without reporting the crime.   
Kat’s fraud investigation uncovers much more than missing money: a massive blood diamond laundering scheme is underway at Liberty’s Mystic Lake Mine.  Then two key Liberty insiders are murdered and it appears Kat is next in line. Unless she steers the investigation in another direction.  One that allows the real criminals to walk free.
After uncovering a connection to organized crime Kat is framed for the murders, and must find the killer to clear her name and get the money back.  Her career and Liberty’s survival depend on it.  So does her life. 
Exit Strategy is a Suspense/Thriller Novel
(Approx 78, 000 words)
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