Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Story Time by Linell Jeppsen

In the not too distant future a young woman bears witness to the end of her world.

Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions rock the planet, reducing cities to smoking rubble, burying entire islands and coastlines beneath cataclysmic waves.

Religious fervor and human evil erupt and entwine, becoming a maelstrom of madness in the days after, bringing with it the horror of apocalyptic war.

As a population in the depths of despair struggles to overcome insurmountable odds, can a single glimmer of hope flare into a beacon for the survivors?

This is her tale…the world is ours…and now, it’s STORY TIME.

Story Time is a Sci-fi / Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Novell
(Approx 80, 000 words)
Find the ebook HERE


  1. This really is a quite brilliant piece of literature. One I have had the privilege to read in both the original, and in this second edition.

    This is a book that won't disappoint any reader.

  2. Thanks for leaving your opinion! We appreciate it. -Lisa and Linell