Friday, January 20, 2012

The Phoenix Prince by Kristen Gupton

When Keiran gets word that his father is dead, he finds himself mired in a battle against a demon summoning madman for the crown. As a vampire, he is painfully aware that there are no tales of his ilk governing with compassion. Keiran wishes to be the exception to this rule. 
After the sixty years of the previous king's tyrannical reign, Tordania is in dire shape and is in desperate need of a new leader who can save the country from collapse. Keiran believes if he can keep control over his darker nature, he can be the man to save the land he is destined to rule. He continues his life-long abstinence from human blood, thinking it to be the only way to hold onto his ideals and humanity.
However, there are consequences to his self-imposed starvation. He lives in a state of vulnerability, and he is without any of the supernatural benefits that vampires are said to possess. This, combined with Keiran’s tendency to play outside of the rules, cause his friends to worry about his safety. They know there are those who would do anything to stop a vampire from coming to power.
One such man is the previous king’s Grand Councillor, Peirte. He won’t be dissuaded from exploiting the prince’s weaknesses, and he sets out to have Keiran assassinated before he can change his mind and obtain immortality. Once a priest, Peirte has become obsessed with dark magic and demon summoning. He neither approves of what Keiran is, nor of his apparent interest in a woman of peasant birth. If he can kill the prince, he will steal Keiran’s birthright for his own. 
The Phoenix Prince is a Gothic / Fantasy Novel
(Approx 88, 000 words)
Find the ebook HERE

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