Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Aloisius by Jonathon Charlap

What makes us human?
How far will we go for the ones we love?
Are we willing to die to protect them? 
Tori is a Watcher. A young genetically engineered soldier who is at the pinnacle of her life. But when she fails to kill Spencer Estornel, a fugitive from The Assimilated Nations, she must confront a terrible truth that her agency never viewed her as anything more than expendable. Now, those who created her will do anything to kill her. And the closer she grows with her new lover Spencer, the more she realizes that protecting him may be easier than losing him.

Aloisius is a Science Fiction Novel
(Approx 314 pages paperback)
Find out more about Jonathon and his writing at http://www.wix.com/jonathoncharlap/jonathon-charlap#! 
Find the paperback HERE

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