Monday, December 19, 2011

Something Most Deadly by Ann Self

Jane Husted tries to live her dream of becoming an international show rider, but life on the lavish Springhill Estate is more like a nightmare, and it brings to the fore an unrealized psychic gift.  Prior to this, ESP was hocus-pocus, and not something she needed or believed in. Now it could help her stay a step ahead of a killer.

Madeline Fanning, Jane’s best friend and fellow survivor of their tattered childhood on public assistance, is now a clinical psychologist on staff at a large Boston Hospital. Each woman  has fought tenaciously to get out of the swamp of poverty and free herself from the stigma of welfare.  Madeline is already attaining success, but Jane is still grasping for the brass ring, her life complicated by the snobbish, backstabbing elite on Springhill Estate.

Madeline recognizes Jane’s psychic ability before she does, and encourages her to use it to navigate the cutthroats and savage jealousy hidden just beneath the surface on the deceptively beautiful estate with its rolling hills, nineteenth-century stone mansion, and gothic barn.

State Police Detectives Westerlund and Russell are brought to the estate when someone falls into a diabolical trap intended to kill, and kill it does. The detectives face a myriad of oddball personalities to sort through: The Whitbeck family, owners of Springhill and inhabitants of the mansion; very rich and not missing an opportunity to remind you.  Lars Wallenberg, Austrian coach and trainer fresh from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Sam Noone, former jockey from Louisville Kentucky, now the barn manager.  Dylan Ripley, young, smart-alecky, full of wry humor and observations as he cleans stalls and cares for the horses.  Owen Flint, irritable, misogynistic trainer and coach whose temper is legendary; feared by horses and women alike as he struts around in tight breeches and impossibly long boots.  Lucinda Whitbeck, narcissistic, domineering, and pickled with jealousy over Jane’s superior talent.  Gladys Barrett, Lucinda’s grandmother, determined that Lucinda will find glory and her day in the limelight even if they have to stomp everyone else into the dirt.

Jane is shocked when wealthy businessman Brian Canaday shows up as an investor in European sport horses the estate is importing and breeding. Brian was an obsession of her high-school years, but so far out of her reach he’s in the stratosphere. She tries to avoid him so as not trigger memories of the dreadfully thin, poorly dressed ‘Plain Jane’ of the past, and ruin her new image. Knowledge of her seedy, impecunious childhood would make her prime gossip fodder for the well-heeled denizens of Springhill.

Genuine love story, no graphic sex, no forensic gore. Mild language.

Something Most Deadly is a Romantic Mystery Novel
(Approx 171, 000 words / 310 pages)
Find the ebook HERE

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