Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Proper Charlie by Louise Wise

“Charlie watched as he fell back onto her settee, and then straddled his lap. Oh my God! What was she doing! She was having an out-of-body-experience, she thought. Only she wasn’t dead. She was alive. Very much so. She wriggled against him wonderingly and excitement flared in her body as his own rose to her teasing.”
Charlie Wallis has everything a girl could wish for. A loving boyfriend, a nice flat and a fantastic job as a journalist for London Core. Trouble is, Charlie's boyfriend's a waster, her job title really reads 'clerk' and her flat, at the top of a high-rise, isn't that nice after all.
Her new boss, Ben, is a huge bear of a man. A gentle giant, with chocolate brown eyes that hold a secret.
While London Core investigates the murders of local prostitutes, Charlie wants in on the action, deciding that dressing as a hooker and walking the streets is good research.
Bumping into Ben was the last thing she expected.
A story of opposites that not only attract…
… but ignite!

A Proper Charlie is a Chick Lit Novel
(Approx 80, 000 words / 406 pages)
Find out more about Louise and her writing at www.louisewise.blogspot.com
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