Monday, December 5, 2011

I, Senias by Samuel Drury Owens

Senias is the son of a prominent family living in first century B.C.E. Gaul.  It is he who relates to the reader the often tragic story of a mighty army of warriors called the Romans, who roamed the Gallic countryside murdering folks, plundering villages, snatching women and children to sell as slaves. The deep spirituality of Senias leads to his selection as an apprentice philosopher and thrusts him into the cryptic world of Celtic mythology.  On an eventful journey to the capital city of Gergovia, Senias meets the feisty Savrina.  Though opposites in temperament, a deep bond develops between the two lovers.

Once the conflict between the marauding Romans and the people of Gaul reaches the point of all-out-war, Senias observes the intense personal struggles between Vercingetorix and Caesar for dominance and power.  The last significant battle between the two ancient civilizations is fought at the hill fortress of Alesia.  The struggle for Alesia stands as an eternal testament of the determination, courage and sacrifices of the Gallic people in the defense of their independence.  An independence so fierce that it lies, ironically, at the very heart of their eventual defeat.

I, Senias is an Historical Fiction Novel
(Approx 101, 000 words / 239 pages)
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