Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Last Chance by Ramon Ballard

In the weeks preceding an historical presidential election, Horace, a patriotic 115 year old man honored for never missing an election and the son of a prejudiced southern gentleman must make a tough decision, whether to vote for a heroic veteran or to take a chance on an up and coming young black man. 
As Horace relates the story of his life to a reporter and his friends in the nursing home, he ponders the people he has met, the lessons he has learned, and how they have coincided with the growth of a nation’s soul. Horace will tell you himself, “I have lived a long life, not an extraordinary one.” As you read this story of a man conquering prejudices developed as a child, you will note the parallels between the development of his ideals and those of a nation finally understanding the true meaning of: “All men are created equal.” Horace’s life might be more extraordinary than he believes. 
It’s been said that your life ain’t worth a damn unless you touch the souls of those you meet along the way.  Horace begins life on a dilapidated southern mansion and in the course of 115 years, he touches the lives of extraordinary people, from a couple of young bicycle shop owners on the barren dunes of North Carolina, to the White House, the baseball diamond, Tin Pan Alley,  early Hollywood, and finally to a young black Southern preacher with a dream.  
Horace’s life also reflects the influences of lost friends that have brightened his journey and lost loved ones that made his life worth a damn and ultimately left him, The Last Chance. 
The Last Chance is an Historical Fiction Novel
(Approx 105, 000 words)
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