Wednesday, October 5, 2011

M.O.D. by J. C. Allen

Where would you draw the line between right and wrong?  

A wanted hacker from the '80s resurfaces with the means and intent to overthrow what he perceives to be a corrupt government.  Scott Carver is asked to make this decision when "M.O.D." asks him to help plan a revolution.  
While eluding authorities for decades, M.O.D. has pirated trillions of dollars in funds and equipment for his rebellion.  He aims to topple the government in the name of the Constitution and its founding fathers.  Is he maniacal?  ... or is he right?
Find out by reading M.O.D. today!

M.O.D. is a Political Intrigue Techno-thriller Novel
(Approx 78, 000 words)
Find M.O.D. on HERE or at HERE


  1. I love these tales of intrigue and MOD has such a sharp, snappy premise--draws you right in. Great book to feature!

  2. Really interesting plot idea. This looks like a very good book.