Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Stygian Conspiracy (Nexus Arcana) by Kodai Okuda

            A solar system in turmoil...

            The mistakes and conflicts of the early twenty-first century peak in a clash of ideology and mechanized steel that spans across the planets of the inner sphere of Sol.
           A contention of worlds ensues as the Earth Federal Republic and Solar Empire battle for solar supremacy.
           On one side, caught within the currents of war, is a band of young space marines, the Sledgehammers, who quickly find themselves embroiled in a plot that transcends the politics of the struggle around them. A dark and ancient secret looms throughout Sol in a myriad of alien artifacts that are the intense focus of one man's mad ambition. 
           On the other side, a revolutionary puts his own plan into motion as the would-be liberator of his people. Taking advantage of the conflagration, Alphonse Zhukov and his conspirators risk everything to free their proletarian brethren from the iron grip of the Solar Empire.
           Both sides quickly find themselves immersed in a storm of lies, betrayal, love, and romance as plans within plans and schemes within schemes forge their individual goals into a common cause.
            At the eye of the tempest is an alien warship that holds the key to finding the Goddess Device and unraveling the Stygian Conspiracy that surrounds it.
Stygian Conspiracy is a Science Fiction Novel
(Approx 361, 000 words / 723 pages)
To find out more about Kodai or Stygian Conspiracy visit www.nexusarcana.com
Find the ebook HERE

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