Monday, October 24, 2011

Who Killed Rudy Rio? by Shirley Kennedy

Holly Keene, newly licensed P.I. is in a world of hurt.  Just divorced, and in big financial trouble because of her selfish ex-husband, she must leave Los Angeles and literally "run home to mother" in her home town of Fresno, California.  When she finds a temporary job with The B&P Detective Agency, she sets out to make it permanent by solving a murder mystery that involves a possible snuff movie.  She has two bosses:  sleazebag Reece Barnicut and experienced, tough, motorcycle-riding Gil Perez who helps her out of trouble more than once.  Holly knows the dangerous assignment is strictly business, yet she can't help being attracted to the irresistible Perez. 
     WHO KILLED RUDY RIO is a fast, fun read that involves a polygraph test, 20 acres of grapes, an Afghanistan war hero, a glimpse into the world of porn, and a snuff movie.  Did the beautiful porn star really die? Will Holly find a permanent job at The B&G Detective Agency?  Find out by reading Who Killed Rudy Rio today!
Who Killed Rudy Rio is a Mystery Novel
(Approx 65, 000 words / 256 pages)
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