Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Relatives by Judy Mayhew

            Marlene Montgomery, a divorced grandmother, unexpectedly ends up with full custody of her grandchildren when her ex-daughter-in-law is shot to death, an innocent bystander in a gang-related shooting.
            Marlene’s son, Nick, has remarried and is not prepared to take care of Seth, eight, and Dinah, six, the children from his first marriage. Marlene learns to cope with children, daycare, school, pets and a business partner who hopes she will retire.
            Jason Streeter, the teenage boy who shot Leah, the children’s mother, spends eight years in jail. When he is released, he goes looking for the children with a plan to seek their forgiveness, but not everyone forgives.

The Relatives is a Women’s Fiction Novel
(Approx. 86,000 words)
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