Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Unwelcome Survivors by Franklin Newman

Kirustinu, an Orcish nurse practitioner and the last druid, awakens after a shipwreck to find herself in Jirenzia. Her benevolent personality and refusal to accept the sexist ways of the militaristic barbarian culture immediately sets her at odds with Regent Gandriel and his son, Lord Ikhero. 

Knowing she’ll be killed if she stays, Kirustinu, and a group of malcontented Orcs who are as sick of their society as she is, flee from Jirenzia. These Orcs hope to found a better, more benign society on an island only Kirustinu can find, while she teaches them druidism in hopes of reviving the faith. But to get to that island, the Orcs must travel through Dromek, the world of Elves, to seek help from Kirustinu’s sister, Sharai, who waits for her return. 

Hounded by both the Elven army and Lord Ikhero's vengeful Orcish forces, can this band of Orcs escape, or even survive? 
Unwelcome Survivors is a Fantasy Novel
(Approx 203, 000 words / 738 pages)
Find the ebook Unwelcome Survivors HERE

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