Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Number 3 Mystery Book by Chris Pink

Barney Delaney is 13. He also has Cherubism – the rare genetic condition which disfigures the face and causes all kinds of problems. On top of this, he has a mother who is often tired and unwell and a father who is nearly always away working. 
It's not easy being Barney Delaney, you know.
But now forget the negative things for a moment, because in this boy's world, all that's secondary: for Barney, you see, nothing in the world matters as much as Cryptozoology – the search for animals which are considered to be 'legendary or otherwise non-existent by mainstream science.' So, when the excitable enthusiast finds himself confronted by something truly unbelievable, he's 100% certain that his dream of becoming the world's number 1 Crytpozoologist has just made a massive step forward!
Then things turn weird...
...What starts out as a simple mission for Barney and his best friend, Wonky, soon transforms into a series of bizarre twists and obscure mysteries – things which are embroiled and entwined somehow with the always difficult adults. Not to mention Wonky, who is acting strange and worryingly girlish. But then, he isn't surprised by that. Would you be if you were a 13 year old boy?
Not that Barney Delaney would ever let these obstacles stop him! No, he's going all the way, make no mistake...and by the time he's finished everything will make perfect sense, and whatever dark secret is hidden will be brought to the surface whether it likes it or not!
An adventure book for both adults and teenagers with a penchant for discovering, The Number 3 Mystery Book is a darkly humorous investigation into the search for truth and what it means to accept your fate. As well as that, it's a tale about the pain of learning to love and forgive in the face of adversity, and how, when it comes right down to it, friendship matters more than anything.
The Number 3 Mystery Book is an Action / Adventure / Comedy Novel
(Approx 301 pages paperback)
Find out more about Chris at and find a direct link to the amazon ebook HERE 

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