Monday, October 31, 2011

Stonehenge by Lisa Graves

Stonehenge picks up where Atlantis leaves off and follows Lilly even further down the rabbit hole of her mind. 
Lilly has it all. A tall, dark and handsome boyfriend, Elliott; a blond best friend, Nicholas; and a mind that has recently been opened to a new and exciting world. 
Her life is perfect.
But when Lilly starts having gruesome flashbacks of a past life that even Elliott can't remember, and they affect her ability to project, will Elliott and Lilly's relationship survive when she can't be with him?
Or will Nicholas's constant advances, and shared love of secret messages, finally sweep Lilly off her feet and win over her heart?

Find out by reading Stonehenge, Book 2 in the Atlantis Series.
Stonehenge is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel
(Approx 69, 000 words / 320 pages paperback)
Find out more about Lisa and her writing at
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