Monday, October 17, 2011

The Usurper by Cliff Ball

Have you ever wondered what would happen if American's worst fears were realized, and the United States elected someone to Congress or to  the Presidency who was willing to destroy the USA no matter the cost to  him, his fellow Americans, or the rest of the world? The Usurper is that novel.
Gary is raised to hate. Hate the United States, its people, and everything they have ever stood for. His mission is to destroy the country from within, allying himself with the worst of America's enemies, and one very powerful and malevolent trillionaire, to accomplish the deed. Once he gains enough power, Gary puts his lifelong goals to work, and puts the USA onto the path of ultimate destruction. He stops at nothing to rid the USA of his political and spiritual enemies on the right, until a small group of patriotic Americans on both sides decide they've had  enough, and they want to stop him. Will the United States cease to exist like so many other superpowers before it, or will all that is good in America triumph over evil?
In the meantime, Dale comes home from serving in Afghanistan to find that he has to join the President's new Homeland Defense Forces, after most of the regular military was disbanded. He will struggle with which side he is on, until one fateful day that forces him to choose between continuing to follow the dictator or joining the forces aligned against the dictator. What does he do? What would you do?
The Usurper is a Thriller Novel
(Approx 56, 000 words / 160 pages)
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