Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Outcome by Barbara Ebel

          Hurricane Ivan roars.  Karen Puno plans and packs and scrambles to flee. 
The wind whips and sand blasts her car as she descends the beach bridge with
her Labrador Retriever.  
         But up ahead, Karen has more to fear than the monstrous storm behind her. 
          A week later, tension mounts in a cockpit in Kentucky and the weather worsens. 
A feisty female pilot aborts her unusual takeoff, jeopardizing her passenger’s task to
harvest a comatose woman’s organs for transplant.
         Plagued with the Gulf Coast aftermath, a police officer is riddled with grief.  In Peru, a worried husband receives dreadful news and in Indiana, a deserving woman is given a second chance. And in the seriousness of an operating room, an astute anesthesiologist works behind the scenes while a surgeon is nearly negligent.
          Divergent lives come together in this story of the ultimate gift - organ donation - and what happens to the families involved after Karen’s accident.  And besides Karen’s fate?  You'll come to love her hurricane battered dog who escapes the crushed metal pile into the blowing sand and gusty winds. 
Outcome is an Historical Fiction Novel
(Approx 84, 000 words / 272 pages paperback)
Find out more about Barbara and Outcome at www.barbaraebel.weebly.com 
Find the ebook HERE

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