Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Physician's Plight: Professional Success... Personal Disaster by Katherine Klein, M.D.

            Along the way, you can’t always pinpoint the moment you make bad decisions. Hindsight’s always easier. New York City secretary Katherine Klein becomes blindly infatuated with Randir, a charismatic advertising man from India and his stories of his travels and advanced education.

     Katherine launches into residency as an anesthesiologist as Randir finally agrees to have children. She goes through training with two toddlers while her husband’s contribution at home remains practically nonexistent. Katherine’s tolerance wanes, tension mounts, then the situation becomes explosive. Her husband refuses to leave the marital home, and she is forced to flee with her children. Randir threatens her, harasses her and stalks her.
     Katherine enjoys her court ordered sole custody of her children for several years and showers them with unconditional love and strong values during their formative years. She is aware that her ex-husband is programming the boys to despise and distrust her. Later, she is blindsided by Randir seeding his version of the effects her job relocation will have on the children.  She never anticipates the newcomer judging from the bench, who takes her boys and delivers them to her malingering ex-husband.  After Mr. Patel successfully launches his new custody trial, Katherine almost commits suicide. But in the end, loving her boys and a new man with integrity gets her through, and she lays claim to the happiness she deserves.    
A Physician’s Plight is a Non-Fiction / Memoir Novel
(Approx 77, 000 words / 270 pages)
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