Friday, August 5, 2011

Ambersley by Amy Atwell

Traumatized by a blaze that killed her parents, young Johanna Vaughan remembers nothing of her privileged past.  She remains ignorant of the complexities and dangers that surround her and gladly accepts a new identity when her guardians, an aging tenant couple, deem it necessary to disguise her as their adopted son.  Raised among the servants, she develops a sense of purpose that helps her survive the betrayal that unmasks her true identity.  When forced to take her proper place in Regency society as the highly-sought heiress to the Ambersley fortune, Johanna must defy the relatives who would make her a pawn in their struggle for power.  
When her distant cousin Derek Vaughan inherits the dukedom, his dubious parentage makes it sacrilege to accept. But touched by the ravaged estate and its destitute servants, he confronts a society that shunned him while he rebuilds Ambersley and protects it from his stepmother's bankrupting clutches. He intends to grant the title to his half-brother when the boy comes of age, but Derek's plans go awry from the moment the gardener's apprentice—once his trusted young friend—is revealed to be not only an heiress of beauty and spirit, but the one woman who may finally capture his heart.  

Ambersley is a Regency Period Historical Fiction w/Strong Romantic elements
(Approx 109, 000 words)
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  1. Thanks so much for supporting indie authors, Lisa! Happy to be here today.

  2. I can't wait to read this, Amy! Is it a bad sign when my e-TBR pile is tottering perilously?


  3. Thanks for the support, Edie and Kels. At 109K words, you can definitely lose yourself in this book for hours of enjoyment! And my cover artist, Laura Morrigan, did a fabulous job on the artwork.

  4. This sounds like a great book, Amy. I can't wait to get it.