Friday, August 26, 2011

Through the Third Eye by Lynn Boston

In this fast-moving thriller, Clay Barton and Shali Faisal are seeking ancient documents hidden since the beginning of recorded time--documents that could forever change the course of human history. They use secret, archived CIA parapsychology techniques for past life regression that Clay discovered while working at the Stanford Research Institute. Together, they must make contact with present-day people whose historically famous past-lives are tied to the writings.
They finally locate their treasure trove of ancient knowledge, but not before a harrowing journey that takes them around the world. Along the way, their one-time affair of the past pokes into their professional treasure hunting relationship. But eventually they come to understand the reason these writings have been hidden and protected for millennia: the knowledge contained within could change the world as we know it.
They realize that now is the time in history to reveal the secrets, but a dangerous and unknown force is trying to stop their efforts. This thought-provoking thriller will challenge many accepted paradigms and will make the reader rethink the world around us.
Through the Third Eye is a Thriller / Suspense Novel
(Approx 107, 000 words)
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