Saturday, August 6, 2011

Swimming in the Deep End by John M. Daniel

Casey, a disenchanted piano player—no longer dependent on drugs but still frustratingly hooked on romance—is bored with his gig in a Cancun hotel lounge. He is ripe for adventure, which shows up in the form of D. Ray Ramsey, one of his customers.

D. Ray is a hard-drinking, rough-talking Texan on the lam. Accused of murdering his wife, he has federales on his trail, and he enlists Casey’s help, hiring him to drive them both to Merida, where D. Ray hopes to find refuge in the U.S. Consulate.
Along the way, they team up with Eliot Mulgrew, an anthropologist from Chicago who is on her way to the rain forests in Chiapas. Eliot is an intelligent woman, although she tends to get lost and attract—and cause—trouble. D. Ray can’t stand her, but Casey falls ridiculously in love, and she’s along for the ride. And she has an itch in her britches for D. Ray.
In Merida, they discover that D. Ray’s wife, Cissy Ramsey, is very likely still alive, and their plans change. The adventure shifts into high gear as these three unlikely companions take off on a rescue mission that leads them back into the jungle.
Swimming in the Deep End is an Action / Suspense novel.
(Approx 81, 000 words)
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