Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Strategically Social by Jan Hyatt

Strategically Social is a hands-on, practical guide that helps companies ask the right questions, define the right objectives and make the right choices in their social media implementation, and in their operational processes. Anyone can set up Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn company pages - you need this book to create a strategic presence in social media and a social company culture.
Strategically Social shows you:
1. The one step your company should take to distinguish itself on Facebook.
2. How not to get lost in the Twitter universe.
3. What steps to take to be noticed on LinkedIn.
4. Why you don’t need to be a programmer or web designer to give your customers a great social experience.
5. How to be sure you are ready as the social media world changes.
Featuring interviews with NBC Sport's top golf blogger, LinkedIn's Social Media group founder and many others living the social media life, Strategically Social will help fashion strategies for all types of businesses - whether you are a small local mom-and-pop retailer, a national service provider, building the latest high-tech gadget or just a regular person trying to expand the audience reading your personal blog. 
Strategically Social is a Non-Fiction Novella
(Approx 35, 000 words)
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