Monday, August 29, 2011

The Second Choice by Lakshmi Menon

"The Second Choice" is a touching story of the blended family of Pavithra and Venu. They get into this new life because of the pressure of their dear ones. As a result,the responsibility of financing his first wife, who was bedridden since her delivery, and managing the new family becomes extremely difficult for Venu. 
Even with all his problems, he is able to achieve the love of his step-daughter Anu, but Pavithra becomes an utter failure in gaining Indu’s love because of external influence. But with her true love and patience she wins over her step-daughter gradually. By then Venu had changed completely, and he becomes jealous of his wife’s continuous success in her professional life. 
By the time they find true love in each other, life takes an unexpected turn. 
The Second Choice is a Women’s Fiction Novel
(Approx 65, 000 words)
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