Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Witch Tree by Karin Kaufman

Four days before Christmas in Elk Park, Colorado, genealogist Anna Denning discovers a client’s body. When she starts asking questions no one wants answered, she becomes the killer’s next target. Still grieving the death of her husband, she must draw on her wounded faith to enter a world of wicca and paganism — reminders of a past she buried long ago — and discover the secret of The Witch Tree.
The Witch Tree is a Christian Cozy Mystery
(Approx 79, 000 words)
To learn more about The Witch Tree and other writings by Karin Kaufman, visit her website at and her blog at

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  1. Your reviews of indie books are pithy and needed. Thank YOU!

    Marta Chausée, author
    Resort to Murder mystery series