Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mathion by Jeff Shanley

At seven years old, the Wolven Prince, Mathion, encountered a dying white wolf, and received two gifts that would change everything. Centuries later, when the Eastern city of Kihar is threatened by an advancing army of werewolves, Mathion gathers together a small but diverse band of warriors, consisting of both friends and family. 

When someone close to him is captured alive by the enemy, Mathion suspects that there is more at work, and decides to undertake the impossible and infiltrate the black stronghold of Lord Azghar√°th, deep in the heart of the Werewolves' vast empire. With this choice, events are set in motion that will hurtle these lands toward a final confrontation, and an epic journey is begun that will change everyone's lives forever. 

Mathion is a Fantasy Novel
(Approx 139, 000 words)
Find the ebook HERE

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