Monday, August 22, 2011

Stairs of Sand by Eileen Granfors

Zoozle (Suzann) Zimmerman and her mother Jolene live emotionally distanced from one another, each with a heart closed like a fist.

Will Zoozle be the first woman in three generations of her family to clip the claws of Borderline Personality Disorder?  Will she succeed in suicide if she cannot?

Stairs of Sand opens with Zoozle, a woman with no emotional skin, reaching the lowest ebb of her life. After a terrifying opening incident, the story moves to Imperial Beach and San Diego, California, where family and new friends assist or derail her efforts to renew herself: the Newfie’s owner, her druggie friend, Melody, her dying Grandpa Joe, a Somalian immigrant nurse, and the source of her syndrome, her own mother, Jolene. 

Stairs of Sand is a Woman’s Fiction / Family Drama Novel
(Approx 73, 000 words / 270 pages paperback)
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