Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Secret Ingredient by Misty Evans

When celebrity chef Katelyn Karr breaks up with Hollywood’s sexiest actor, Brad Glass, she becomes the target of Celebrity Dirt magazine’s top investigative reporter. Having carefully crafted the perfect public persona, Kate decides to hold a live show in her hometown of Secret, Montana, in order to stop the reporter from revealing the truth about her alcoholic father, dead mother and the secret behind the reason she was run out of town when she was only seventeen.

Mayor Nick Juno once had his heart broken by the wild Katelyn when she let him go to jail for a crime she committed. He knows first-hand about her disreputable youth and he’s heard all the gossip about her current Hollywood lifestyle, so the moment she arrives with her publicist and TV crew, Nick makes it clear she isn’t welcome.

But Kate refuses to be run out of town again. She’s on a mission to fix her estranged relationship with her dad, stop the reporter from ruining her reputation, and prove herself to everyone. Especially Nick.

Just as Kate makes amends with her dad, however, he dies…live on her cooking show. His death makes national news, bringing even more unwanted attention to Nick’s carefully preserved world, and when her father’s autopsy reveals he was poisoned and suspicion falls on the celebrity diva, Nick must question Kate’s true motivations behind coming home.

Did Kate kill her father on national TV? Nick must untangle the lies and deception to figure out if Kate has been framed or slipped her father a secret ingredient that finally put an end to their family dispute.

The Secret Ingredient is Culinary Romantic Mystery with Bonus Recipes
(Approx 100, 000 words)
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