Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rescuing the Future by Vincent Miskell

Naomi Kinder’s saving the solar system from a black hole incursion makes her the most-celebrated hero of 2097.  But when a capsule from 2313, teeming with new technologies and warning of the future nanobot invasion of Earth, challenges Naomi, can she and her two friends, her Russian-Belgium lover Leo and her friend Bonnie, travel more than 200 years forward in time to prevent humanity’s destruction?
Meanwhile on a future Earth, mankind battles for its very survival while forces on Luna and Mars consider "sanitizing" the solar system. It will take a miracle to save the planet. 
Rescuing the Future picks up where the novelette Godspeed Inc. leaves off. Rescuing the Future, however, is a fully developed novel of over 111,000 words with an expanded cast of characters, including the elite and genetically enhanced female warriors of the future, the UN Medusan Marines. Not only must Naomi, Leo, and Bonnie struggle with the technologies and people of the future, but with a new official language called Modern Interstellar, a UN-imposed language that is a mixture of Esperanto, Ido, and English. 
Rescuing the Future is a Science Fiction Adventure Novel
(Approx 112, 000 words)
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