Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Farringford Cadenza by Robert D. Sutherland

In 1947, the unpublished manuscript of a cadenza written by Charles Philip Farringford disappears at the time of the composer’s mysterious death on a train mid-way between Cleveland and New York. Thirty-four years later, the manuscript is discovered in a Baltimore flea market, only to disappear again in the first of three burglaries that occur on the same night. New York private investigator N. F. Trntl is hired to recover the manuscript.

When she arrives in Baltimore, she is spied upon, confronted with misdirections and dead-end clues, entangled in two murders, and forced to deal with repeated attempts on her own life. As the search for the cadenza progresses, readers gradually come to realize (which Trntl never does) that at least ten distinct individuals and groups are avidly pursuing the manuscript for a variety of motives and purposes. Most of these pursuers are not aware of the existence of the others, or become so only when their respective paths continually cross. The pursuit moves to the Caribbean island of St. Croix, then back to New York for a startling conclusion.

THE FARRINGFORD CADENZA is a Suspenseful, Humorous Mystery
(Approx 194,000 words; 523 pages trade paperback)

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